JCB Nº0 EdP 100 ml
JCB Nº0 EdP 100 ml
JCB Nº0 EdP 100 ml


Eau de Parfum
100 ml / 3.4 FL.OZ
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Fragrance Notes
Cumin, damp soil, ginger, green grapevine, oak barrel, rum, smoked oak, vanilla
Olfactive Director
Jean-Charles Boisset
The wholeness of this scent is perfectly embodied by the Nº0. The perfect circle, it is the symbol of the entire winemaking process. From the beginning of a wine—the vine and its rootstock—to its growth, harvesting and finally its evolution in the ultimate stage—aging in gracious, elegant oak barrels. Powerful aromas of fire-toasted black oak are surrounded by rum & spicy notes, finishing with bourbon vanilla. An intoxicating, harmonious and mysterious allure in its highest aromatic expression, reflected through the delicate yet eternal elegance of crystal.