JCB Nº13 EdP 100 ml
JCB Nº13 EdP 100 ml
JCB Nº13 EdP 100 ml

JCB Nº13

Eau de Parfum
100 ml / 3.4 FL.OZ
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Fragrance Notes
Rosewood, geranium, oak, sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla
Olfactive Director
Jean-Charles Boisset
JCB Nº13 is a divine and delicate perfume with the elegance of a perfect bijoux. The essence of infinity, drawn to a perfect harmonious balance, is sealed within this divine perfume. Graceful aromas of white oak surrounded by soft notes of rosewood, sandalwood and a touch of sweet vanilla, it is the epitome of luxury. Graceful, divine and infinite style in its highest aromatic expression, reflected through the delicate yet eternal elegance of crystal.