JCB Nº0 Room Spray 100 ml
JCB Nº0 Room Spray 100 ml


Room Spray
100 ml / 3.4 FL.OZ
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Fragrance Notes
Cumin, damp soil, ginger, green grapevine, oak barrel, rum, smoked oak, vanilla
Olfactive Director
Jean-Charles Boisset
The harmonious unity of this scent is perfectly embodied by its namesake: 0. The perfect circle. The beginning and the end. It is symbolic of the entire winemaking process. Every great wine shares the same humble origin as vine and rootstock. With great care, these vines are nurtured, cultivated and–after a period of steady growth—harvested. Only then comes the final stage in the transformation from vine to vin: the aging process. In sumptuous oak barrels, the wine achieves its characteristic depth of flavor.

Nº0 is an invitation to step into Jean-Charles Boisset’s Burgundy cellars, where the tantalizing aroma of oak barrels intermingles with the complex scent of the earth. Nº0 opens with the stalwart aroma of fire-roasted black oak paired with rum and warm spices. The addition of opulent Bourbon vanilla and aromatic cedar imparts Nº0 with an intoxicating and mysterious allure.