JCB Nº00 Candle 1700 g
JCB Nº00 Candle 1700 g

JCB Nº00

1700 g / NET WT. 60 OZ
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Fragrance Notes
Morning dew, oak leaf, orange blossom, orris, rose water, white cedar, white grape pulp
Olfactive Director
Jean-Charles Boisset
Nº00 continues to expand upon the themes and ideas explored in Nº0. While Nº0 drew inspiration from the cyclical nature of all things and the common thread connecting beginnings and endings, Nº00 picks up where it left offff and begins anew with an homage to hope, birth and new life.

Nº00 captures the verdant freshness of new life emerging in the spring as the last traces of winter melt away and the vineyards are reborn. It is the aroma of vineyards in the spring, of grapes that have yet to realize their full potential, of a young white wine, quietly aging in its barrel, slowly transforming into something exceptional.

The scent opens with notes of fresh white grape pulp, rose and orange blossom, subtly accented by the fresh verdancy of green woods. The combination of soft floral notes, fresh fruit and green saplings evokes the aroma of a perfect fruit pulp and the promise of a rare and beautiful wine.