JCB Red Velvet Candle 190 g
JCB Red Velvet Candle 190 g

JCB Red Velvet

190 g / NET WT. 6.7 OZ
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Fragrance Notes
Blonde tobacco, cinnamon, cumin, juniper, rum, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla
Olfactive Director
Jean-Charles Boisset
Part of a trilogy of scents praising seduction, beauty, love and temptation. This collection draws inspiration from velvet, a symbol of elegance, comfort and glamor.

Red Velvet is a window into a decadent world where dimly-lit, velvet-ensconced lounges play host to fabulous parties that last from dusk until dawn.

Where memories are created and hushed secrets hang in the air. Plush and cozy like its namesake, Red Velvet blends smoky notes with amber and tobacco for a fragrance that is as warm and inviting as it is enigmatic and mysterious.